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The Happiest Two Years and a Challenge for You!

My FIANCEE AND I HAVE BEEN TOGETHER FOR 2 YEARS TODAY!!  It is strange because two years sounds like both a short and long time when you think about it.  Sure, I sound like a young teenager wildly in love with their first boyfriend, but that is okay because for TWO straight years I have experienced real love.  For two straight years someone has accepted me just the way I am!  For two straight years I have felt like someone really knows and understands me!  That is huge!  I thought I had experienced this before but I was dead wrong, I merely experienced lust.

Kevin and I have been through a lot in our first two years together.  We’ve experienced so many amazing and stressful things together.   Here is a list of just a few of the memories I have of us in our first two years together:

  • Several surgeries
  • Hospital stays
  • Walking
  • Not Walking
  • Running
  • The External Fixator (AH!)
  • Amazing trip to Vail
  • That time the airplane bounced so much that I thought for sure we were dying and he distracted and made me laugh
  • Walking 5Ks in New York
  • Watching him complete the Army 10 Miler
  • Him learning to drive again and driving me for the first time!
  • Trip to Boston to learn that Homes For Our Troops will be building us a modified home
  • Moving him into our home when he left Walter Reed
  • Spending time and getting to know each other’s families
  • Deciding on forever… getting engaged and planning our wedding

I’ve heard over and over again how cliche it is to celebrate anniversaries like this or even Valentine’s Day. Yeah sure, we are not married so what is the point in celebrating a dating anniversary… the point is that for two years we’ve loved each unconditionally and that is worth celebrating.   We’ve often heard, “well if you love someone you should be showing them every day”.  This is VERY true, and we should all strive to do that.  But let’s be very honest here, with the hustle and bustle of life sometimes we just forget.  It is not that we don’t love the person even more than the day we first say it to them, it is just that we’ve become distracted by the million other things going on in our worlds.  This person is our constant in a world full of changes; this often leads us to just assume they know.  They probably do know, but the fire that can be lit when we actually show it is amazing.   It is so easy (and fun) to do something for someone you love, it could be a quick handwritten note, a text, a single hand-picked flower, just something to let them know that at some point in that day you were thinking about them.

Today I decided to share just a few things that I love my fiancée.  This is the rare type of the love that I am so thankful to experience:

  • He loves our families and friends and even my psycho dog
  • If he is upset with me, he handles it in a respectful way. He never raises his voice at me.
  • His laugh – it is contagious
  • His smile can light up the darkest room
  • He takes care of things when I forget to do them
  • I never feel pressured, he knows when I’ve had enough and need to cool down and he just lets me
  • He puts me before him and genuinely cares about my well-being
  • He genuinely wants to make a difference in this world
  • He fought to be the person he is today, he’s never given up
  • His family is amazing, the most thoughtful people you could meet
  • He is always willing to help with anything
  • He gets along with my sister, which means the world to me
  • I feel the perfect mixture of independence and allowing someone to help in our relationship. I’ve never been treated like I am helpless or broken and I would never treat him that way either.
  • He listens when I am struggling and helps me through anything
  • He is always honest about his feelings
  • Randomly dancing with me in the house whenever a random song is on or just to no music at all
  • Letting me act like a complete fool and joins in on the fun!

Now, I am going to challenge you.  To celebrate the two amazing years we have had together, I would like for everyone to do something for someone they love and share it with us!  Send us a picture or a message of what you did to make someone you love know that you were thinking about them! When you find actual true love, you are the luckiest of them all!  Not everyone ever gets to experience this so embrace it, cherish it, and share it!  Be a positive model in a world full of people looking for love, maybe your story can show someone else that they deserve better or to love stronger!  Don’t consider this bragging about doing nice things, consider it inspiring the world to love a little stronger.

Please share what you did in the comments section on my blog so it can inspire others to do the same!

One of the first pictures of Kevin and I (2013).

One of the first pictures of Kevin and I (2013).

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