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My List of Things That Make Me Happy!

A fellow blogger recommended that I asked myself, “what makes you happy”, when I am stressed out during this process.  I loved the idea so much, I decided to make a list of things that bring out joy in my life.  Just writing this list gave me some peace, realizing just how much the little things really do matter.

1. The first warm day after winter

2. Fresh baked cookies

3. My crazy dog greeting me at the door

4. Spending time with my family

5. Pedicures

6. When I have time and energy to do my hair the way I want

7. Lilacs blooming and wild flowers

8. Thursday Nights – Grey’s Night with my sister! Although, I am thoroughly ticked off at Grey’s right now! 🙂

9. Sunday Nights – Walking Dead night!

10. Hugs from my fiancée

11.  Long talks with my best friends

12. Listening to music with the windows down!

13. How I feel after I leave the gym (I hate how I feel before I go!)

14. Pens that write perfectly

15. Fresh sheets on the bed

16. A clean house

17.  New clothes and makeup!

18. Flip Flops

19.  Laying in bed and talking about anything with the one I love

20. Writing

21. Massages!

22. Making something new for dinner and having my family be innocent victims that get to taste test!

23. Camp fires and camping!

24.  The waves crashing on the beach

25. That “light bulb” moment when a student finally gets the concept you’ve been teaching! Ah, that is the very best!

26. Surprising someone you care about with something you know will make them happy

27. Buying a new decoration for my home

28. Uncontrollable laughter, the kind where you are not even sure what you are laughing about anymore.  The best is when you have someone laughing along with you!

29.  When the night is winding down, it is calm and peaceful inside and out, candles are lit, and listening to calm music while relaxing in the recliner.

30. When someone waves as you drive by, makes me feel like I live in a small town where everyone likes each other.

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