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HFOT – Thankful for amazing people!

Kevin, my fiancée, was injured during his first deployment to Afghanistan.  An IED caused significant damage to his body.  Kevin lost is right leg below the knee, his pinky, and suffered significant damage to his wrist and left leg.  His left leg is covered in skin grafts and shark intergra (that’s right he is part shark now!).  Last year, Kevin had his left ankle fused as a final attempt to save the left leg from amputation.  Kevin, along with the use of an IDEO brace, is able to enjoy life without the significant pain that his ankle as caused him in the past.  Although it still causes problems from time to time, we remain hopeful that the ankle fusion will continue to hold for him!

Kevin retired from military and now lives at home with me.  We live in a home that is not accessible for him.  It is a two level home with a basement.  The bedrooms are upstairs, laundry and storage are in the basement, and the kitchen is on the main floor along with living space.  Our bathroom is not accessible for him at all.  He has to use a portable chair for showering which is really not all that safe day after day.  Living in this home has been emotionally and physically stressful for Kevin.  He always strives to be independent but it is not always possible in our current situation.  He is not able to take a break from the prosthetic at all because the wheelchair cannot fit in our house.  This causes him issues with skin break down on his residual limb.

We recently received some amazing news!!!!!  Homes for Our Troops (www.hfotusa.org) will be building us a home that is completely adapted for Kevin!!Kevin will now have the opportunity to live independently!  We are so excited for such an amazing opportunity.

Homes for Our Troops has treated us like family from the very beginning of this journey.  We are so blessed to have these wonderful people in our lives!  Kevin and I have received so much love and support for this organization.  We are very thankful for this amazing opportunity that they have opened for us!  This opportunity will be a life changer!

We also want to thank everyone who donates, volunteers and shares supportive words with us!  We appreciate it so much and it makes a world of difference! Our new home will be finished in about a year or so!  We are so excited for this new journey!

Along with this post, I attached our video interview with Homes for Our Troops!   I hope you enjoy!

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