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He won! Finding strength in unimaginable places

Do you ever just look at a person and wonder, how do they feel?  How does what I just said affect them? How does an event affect them? Is it the same way I feel or am affected? Sometimes I feel so involved in my own emotions, it is almost overwhelming to comprehend what someone else might be feeling.  I often look at my fiancée and I  wonder, how does he feel?  He had a bomb go off right on him… how does that make him feel?  Kevin was blown up.  He was walking and then all of a sudden he wasn’t.  After the IED went off, he looked at himself and saw flesh, blood, and bones sticking out everywhere.  He knew his leg had been blown off.  HOW DOES SOMEONE DEAL WITH THAT?  It baffles me honestly.  How did he decide to keep moving forward after all of this?

After the IED was blown and medic was ready to move him, he was carried by his fellow soldiers to the helicopter to be lifted out.  While in the helicopter they made him keep talking… we know why they wanted him to keep talking and I’m sure he knew why too.  Think about that… laying in a helicopter and having people working on you and making you talk to them so you stay alive.  Can you imagine this?  I can’t.  I can replay what I have seen in movies or on TV.  Those are just actors, they play the part well but they do not know what it is really like.  It makes my mind go crazy thinking that what I’ve seen in movies or the news happened to someone I love. I cannot put myself in his shoes, I cannot understand what it was like for him.   All I know is that somehow he found strength in the deepest and darkest places.

He never quit.  He fought through it all.  He had external fixators putting several pins in one side of his leg and out the other, twice!  It was disgusting looking, but he dealt with it.  Somehow he walked on it.  It was just another bump in the road for him. At one point, his hand was literally sewn on this hip to give it a better blood flow and keep it alive.  Just another bump.  He had around 30 surgeries, and yet again every surgery was just another bump in the road.  He never lost hope, he never gave in;  he knew there was more out there for him and he went for it.

I am so proud of this man.  I’m proud that I get to be his wife. What an honor to spend the rest of your life with someone so loving, inspiring, dedicated, and hard-working.  It bothers me sometimes to think of the things he experienced . We talk about what he says it was like for him and I was there for some of the recovery.  I still don’t know what it was really like though.  All I know is… he won.  He beat the odds and he won.   I am so incredibly proud of him for it!

An x-ray of the external fixator.

An x-ray of the external fixator.

The external fixator... or as we call it - the cage of hell.

The external fixator… or as we call it – the cage of hell.

Cheese arm haha!

Cheese arm haha!


2 thoughts on “He won! Finding strength in unimaginable places

  1. What an amazing young man! His story should give hope to many young men who have suffered horrific injuries like he did. And what a blessing to have you in his life. God bless you both.

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  2. Absolutely beautiful! I am Dave Barnett’s cousin and seen this when Karen posted it. I am blown away by your words! You truly have a gift!! God bless!


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