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The Over-glorification of Busy

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt guilty for sitting down on the couch after work instead of doing something more “productive”.  My hand is raised as high as it can go.  I feel like if I take a break, a nap, or anything else that is not actually doing something, then I am a lazy person.  Lazy people do not get things done and I do not want to
be one of those people.  However, don’t you think we take it a little too far the opposite way?  Like somehow we are not good enough unless we work until the point of death.  That if we are not working 10 hour days or more we are less of a human-being.  Oh and heaven forbid if you sit down and eat lunch without work in front of you… how dare you! Breaks are for the dead.  While we are alive we must spend every waking second of our life working and making sure everything is perfect.  We must always please our boss, not matter how ridiculous the demands.  We cannot deviate from this plan, otherwise we are looked upon as lazy, unproductive, and somehow less human than those who do.

I have just one question in response to these feelings.. What about us? This is our life, right..  We do not owe our life to any single human being or even our careers.  We owe our lives to ourselves, and our creators (depending on what you believe), and that is it.  It is a crazy notion but it is true.  Why do we feel like we must always be doing something?  Why do we judge those who do take a break?  How many times have you heard these questions:

* Oh you got a nap today, must be nice, I wish I could take a nap.

* What a luxury that you get to stay home with your kids, I wish I had that opportunity to sit around the house all day in my PJS.

* It must be nice to sit down and watch American Idol, I just don’t get to watch TV because I am just so busy.

* How about since they obviously have so much extra time, they come help me with my job?

* Read a book? When do you ever have time to read a book?

All of those comments and the thousands of others that we have all heard are said intentionally to make the other person feel like less of a person because they spent time doing something they enjoyed.  Why do we do that?  Why do we criticize the person who is choosing to use their time to do things they enjoy?  It is their life after-all! It is almost like we are wired to react that way and it does not make sense to me.  I am going to start glorifying the people who actually take the time to do what they want to do instead of focusing on the “I must be busy” mantra that so many people follow.   We are here on this earth for the average of 27,000 days.  Why in the world are we wasting these precious days exhausted, overworked, and stressed the HECK out? Stress is its own drug, it destroy our bodies slowly and its impact is real.  The following things are just short preview of what stress does to the body: headaches, stomach ulcers, digestive issues, infertility, acne, increased glucose level possibly leading to type-2 diabetes, muscle pain, memory loss, depression, relationship issues, anxiety, heart-attack, stroke, and the list goes on and on.   I wouldn’t take a pill or eat something that would me all of those side effects.  Yet, time after time we buy into the notion that a busy and stressful life is a more for-filling life and we basically taking that pill!

We all think that everyone else has it so much easier than us.  That our lives our the most stressful and they just don’t have a clue.  I, for one, would much rather choose to wear my own shoes, than to try on someone else’s.  We have no idea what other people face and how they are feeling inside.  I’d almost guarantee that if we did try someone else’s shoes, we’d return them and want a full refund.  Maybe if we would all just be nice to each other, we wouldn’t be so stressed or feel the need to “beat” someone at being busy. My sister told me once that we choose what we give our life to.  When people say they do not have time for something they are really just saying “I didn’t make time.”  So make the time, go live your life, spend time with your family and friends, do house projects you always want to, read a book, watch your favorite TV show, and PLEASE go take a nap! You can still go your job the right way and make a living without the constant need to make sure you are busier than someone else. A busy life is not a better life, stop the glorification of busy (it doesn’t get your paid more money anyways)!



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