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Proud to be an American!

As I sit in my living room listening to the fireworks in the distance, I can not help but to feel an overwhelming amount of pride in this country, America!  When I hear fireworks, I do not have to worry if they are gun shots or bombs going off in the distance, I know they are fireworks.  When a helicopter goes over my head, I do not worry that it will bring danger to myself and people I love.  I know the helicopter brings police, EMS, and media.  We live in a place where you can expect a certain level of safety.  To me, that is something worth being thankful for.  We have a strong military that fights everyday to keep the war off of our land.  I am so proud of them for their sacrifices they’ve made to make our country stronger and safer.   We have strong EMS, Fire and Police who are always ready to respond when needed. These people and their families give so much to provide us services that so many other countries do not access to.  When we show pride in our country, we are saying “thank you” to these people too.

Lately, there has been much media related to lack of american pride.  I watched a video of an experiment that was done with college kids.  The person tried to persuade the college students to sign a petition to change the American flag into something else, they did this by saying the current one isn’t worth anything anymore.  THEY SIGNED IT!  So many of the college students signed it, and that broke my heart.  Are we raising a generation of people who do not feel the American pride?  What can we do to fix it? I feel like everyone who lives in this country should have a flag flying.  Nothing warms my heart more than seeing the flags out for the holidays.  Imagine a country where we flew our flags all of the time, where our pride just screamed out to you as your drove down neighborhood roads.  I dream of that kind of pride being displayed by those that live here. Imagine how this probably would make our military members feel as they return home from the war.  We all probably heard this quote several times but it continues to be true, “United we stand, divide we fall.”  We currently live in a country where our reality is that 22 veterans a day are ending their own lives.  That is an epidemic, and what are we doing to fix it? Instead of fixing it, we are showing less and less pride in our country. We are becoming more and more divide and the results are catastrophic.

I know that sometimes things do not go as we want them to, and it can become very frustrating, but please do not lose hope.  Do something about the things that frustrate you, complaining has never fixed anything!  Research who you vote for, volunteer, write letters, contact your representatives, blog about it, do something, just DO NOT LOSE HOPE!  If you lose hope, then so does the next person, and then it just continues to trickle down.  Who will be left to fix our country when no one has hope? This country is something worth fighting for and I am so proud to live on this beautiful land!  Happy 4th of July!  Keep showing that American Pride!


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