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Bill HR2257 – Let’s get it passed!

Wishing baby dust to all!

Wishing baby dust to all!

Another doctors appointment is out of the way in an effort to prepared for IVF treatments!  Kevin and I are getting closer and closer to starting the actual rounds of IVF.  A very exciting and terrifying journey we will be starting!  We will be going through this process very publicly.  We are working with CBS news to try and get our story out to the world.  Our goal is to get legislation to pass through Congress that will allow the VA to provide fertility treatments to wounded soldiers that need it.  The reason that we require IVF treatments to have children is because of an injury that my fiancee suffered in Afghanistan.  Not only did the IED he stepped on cost him his leg, it caused a significant decrease in fertility.  We required IVF treatments with ICSI, meaning the egg and sperm have to be put together by an Embryologist.  None of this is currently covered by the VA.  It is also not covered at all by Tricare Prime (for retired soldiers).  If Kevin was still active duty, we would not be in this situation because it is covered for active duty.  However, Kevin was medically retired due to the significance of his injuries and we are left to find other means to cover the cost of the treatments. We are working hard, and I know other couples are getting involved to try and get the word out.   Please help us get this bill through Congress by asking your representatives to get on board.  By voting no, they are telling wounded soldiers they do not deserve access to medicine and treatments that could allow them to have their own children.  These wounded soldiers deserve more support than that!  The medicine and science is available, lets work together to make it more affordable for everyone!

Click the link below to read about the bill!

Bill HR2257 – Provide Fertility Treatments to Wounded Soldiers.

Click the link below to send a letter to your representatives!  It is simple, you just add what you want and it sends it for you!

Write to your Representatives!

Thank you so much for all of the love and support.  We will keep everyone updated as we go through the process.  We appreciate prayers as we start the process!

Facebook Page for more information regarding this bill!

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