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Everything is Changing!

Right now I am sitting in a hotel room with my Husband, Kevin.  We’ve started the day traveling to where our egg retrieval will be and getting blood work done.  Kevin picked a nice hotel that has a beautiful view of a lake perfectly placed in the middle of this town.  They have a boardwalk and some shops that we spent the afternoon exploring. I bought chocolate because every soon to be pregnant woman can always use more! We recently got the proof video of our wedding from our Videographer.  The DVD came with us on this trip and we spent some time watching parts of our wedding in the hotel room.  It was the perfect way to spent this day!

This is the last day that our lives are just about us, Kevin and I.   Tomorrow, my eggs will be taken from my body and fertilized with Kevin’s sperm.  My eggs will grow into our embryos, turning into blastocyst that will be transferred back into my body.  One of these eggs is going to turn into our baby: our 2 year old throwing a tantrum, the 5 year old on their first day of Kindergarten, the teenager slamming doors because we drive them absolutely insane, to the adult, who we know, we will be proud to have raised.  All of these events and emotions will come from those eggs that will be fertilized tomorrow.  I wonder whose eyes they will have, if they will have Kevin’s contagious laugh, who will they be?  It is hard to believe that we all begin this way, but it is  absolutely fascinating.  A silver lining in having to go through all of this is that we are learning so much about how life begins!

We’ve been preparing for this for almost a year now.  I’ll never forget our first appointment, where we found out if having our own biological family would even be an option.  At that appointment, we were given hope.  We were given hope that there is a chance for us.  There is still a lot of fear, fear that this will not work, fear that something will happen with my body that will not allow the pregnancy to happen, just flat out fear.  I think there is a big misconception that IVF equals pregnancy resulting in a live birth. While the statistics are always improving, it is far from a guarantee.  While sometimes the fear likes to try to take over,  I also have a heart full of hope.  I have hope that God and science can come together to bring us the family we’ve dreamed about.  We have an amazing medical team and their office has some of the highest success rates in the country. That in itself gives me a lot of hope!

Tomorrow, before the sun even rises, our lives will have changed forever.  A change we’ve dreamed about and will not stop fighting for until we have a baby in our arms!

The next couple of days will be a different experience from the week and a half of injections we just experienced.  Everyday, we will receive a call from the Embryologist to let us know how our embryos are doing.  It is almost like daycare in a strange way!  Five days after the retrieval, not including the egg retrieval day, we will be able to transfer a blastocyst back in my body.  I will have to start taking medications to let my body know it is time to be pregnant.  I will pump naturally occurring pregnancy hormones into my body to try and get it to jump-start and do its job. Once the blastocyst are transferred back into my body, we have to wait 2 weeks to find out if this worked.  For two weeks we will wonder and I am sure worry if I am still pregnant.  We’ve already started thinking of things to do to keep our minds busy during this time.   After the two weeks, I will go to the doctors, do a blood test and we will find out if this was successful.

We appreciate all of the love, support, and prayers that have been lifted for us during this time!  It helps knowing we have a community of people who are standing behind us!  Kevin and I are fighters; we know these embryos will be too!

I have a feeling we are going to have a lot of "the best day evers"!

I have a feeling we are going to have a lot of “the best day evers”!

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