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Are we offended?

Some many news stories recently have been about how people are offended by this or that.  I cannot help but wonder, are we actually offended?  When the Starbucks “scandal” came out with the red cups, my Facebook lit up with responses.  Every response was, why would someone be offended by a cup?  Why would someone be; it is a cup! Not one comment or post that I saw was a person sharing how offended they felt by the cups. It was like everyone was telling people to not be offended but there was no one who was actually offended.  Maybe there were a few people, people I do not know, but nothing like the news made it seem.  We fell for it and Starbucks gained a ton of supporters; and I’m sure they gained financially.  We spent days sharing things about a cup instead of anything of any importance.

I often see people saying that they will not say “happy holidays” because it should be “Merry Christmas”. Fine, say “Merry Christmas.” Does anyone actually care?  I know my feelings would not be hurt whether someone said “happy holidays”, “merry Christmas”, “happy Hanukkah” and so on!  I’m just happy someone was nice to me.  Just because someone celebrates a different holiday than me does not mean they are trying to take away from mine, nor should I take from theirs. Just be nice to each other; say whatever you want as long as it is kind.  I would venture that a majority of people would not mind what you wish them.  We are being trained to think that everything is worth being offended about.  Most of the things that people spend the time telling others to stop being offended about of are no consequence. I feel like there is so much more that could be discussed so that real change can happen.

I often see shared on Facebook about “kids now a days don’t know the pledge”, etc. In my experience as a teacher, they do know the pledge and God is still in it. There’s still moments of silence offered to those would want to start their day with prayer. No one is making people or students feel like they can’t; yet we will act offended.  I’m sure there’s places where these types of rights have been challenged but in the majority of places, things still go on as they have for a long time.  It is time to stop giving media or Facebook time and even your own time to those who are offended.  It brews the storm and the results are just ridiculous.

Bottom line, stop sharing and telling people to be offended unless you or someone you  is personally affected.  A majority of Americans are still good people who want the best for others.  That same majority does not care about cups.  Do our world a favor.  Share more important issues on Facebook instead of wasting our energy on things that really do not matter and change nothing for the better.

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