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We are having a…

  If you read my last post, you saw that we went through the 1st trimester screening.  Our testing came back abnormal which required extra testing.  We had the NIPT (Non-invasive Prenatal Testing) completed to look further into if there was something going on with our baby.  The NIPT test showed that was no concern of chromosomal issues!  The silver lining of a extremely stressful situation is that we got to find out the gender of our baby early!  The NIPT test looks for Fetal DNA in your blood stream.  This DNA obviously includes the baby’s definite gender.  So without any further waiting…WE ARE HAVING A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

Now on to the name picking and nursery decorations!   My anxiety is still through the roof, I am praying for some type of relief.  Most of the time I am just begging my body to function.  Our last appointment resulted in me holding my breath to prevent tears from running down my face in the waiting room, because waiting equals more anxiety.  It really is a struggle and I am trying so hard to fight it.   We go in a few weeks for the full anatomy scan which will hopefully help me calm down. My biggest thing is believing that she is actually there and that we get to be her parents.  I just cannot comprehend something so amazing happening sometimes!  I almost feel unworthy of the title, even though we have fought so incredibly hard for her!  I believe hormones are definitely not helping here!  They are not known for helping with rational thoughts!!!!

The following week we go for a Fetal Echo of our GIRL’s heart.  This is one thing they want to rule out still.  There is no significant reason to believe something will be wrong with her heart. The doctor wants to check since our NT scan was on the thicker end of normal and our baby is an IVF baby.  So pray that our girl’s heart keeps growing strong and healthy!

For now it is so nice to be able to say “she”, rather than trying to avoid saying “it” but really having no other words to say!  We are absolutely in love with our little girl and have been since day 1!



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